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   #89  -  2017-06-04/00:09:07  -  Why so?  -  комментариев :  4,   создано :   Гость135  8
   I recently got a job. There's a girl there, an amateur if it's honest. But in my taste, what I need! Free! She was not married! No children! Well, in general, I looked at her. But did not communicate. As if the car broke down and I rode home on a minibus. And she, too, on this minibus. It turned out to be a fuck that she lives in my house through 3 fucking nuts! Well, just a dream. On the road talking, in general, everything became normal, the next day already on my car went home alone! Then vkontakte until the night talked, as if we fucking all my life know each other. Well, I think now my girl will be! Yeah, dick over there. The next day at work as if the whore is unfamiliar ... Well, I think, it's work, that's right. Fuck the general review. Well, dick. Here I am fucking write her vkontakte, and she reads the message and the dick answers. And so, already 3 days fucked. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm not lucky in love with me ...( One pussy 6 years old brain fucked, fucked, and how to go to the registry office, so dick. I fucked me for 23 years, and I'm without a woman, without a family, without children.
       #291 - 2017-08-12/11:23 -  
 ☛ Fuck mushrooms.
       #289 - 2017-07-06/23:53 -  
 ☛ You have to drink pivasika.
       #287 - 2017-06-16/15:18 -  
 ☛ Because!
       #285 - 2017-06-04/02:03 -  
 ☛ You can try to masturbate your cock.

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